How much will I regret not peeling these favas?

I planted favas as a cover crop last fall, and couldn't bear to yank them all this spring. I finally bit the bullet and did it, so I have a decent amount of beans. I want to make innoabrd's but add some spinach I harvested at the end. Will it be okay not to blanch and skin these beans?

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boulangere June 15, 2011
Oh, I'm sure they can be rescued, susan g. Probably treat them like any other dried bean and soak them overnight. I have no idea if the skin might be removable at that point, but certainly give it a try. If not, get them in cold water to cover by 3", BTAB, reduce and simmer until tender. I would guess by that time the skin would be easily removed and the beans turned into something luscious. Please let us all know how the experiment goes.
susan G. June 15, 2011
@boulangere: What do you suggest for the dried beans? Can they be rescued? I have some and have just let them sit (getting more and more resistant, I'm sure).
hardlikearmour June 15, 2011
Update: I blanched and peeled them. Amazing how much skin there is on those little beans. Innoabrd's recipe is delish & I highly recommend it.
sandy G. June 14, 2011
Definitely peel and blanch them. It's much easier to shell, then blanch and then peel. Favas are delicious and a labor of love but if you don't peel them they'll be bitter.
garammasala June 14, 2011
I know its a pain to blanch and shell them once again, but it really will be worth it when you finally get to enjoy these beans. One of my favourites for sure.
boulangere June 14, 2011
One of my students brought in some of these babies dried as the result of a bulk bin assignment to go find something you've never heard of, research it, and present all of the above to the class. That dried shell was like shoe leather. No, make that like the sole of brand new shoe.
hardlikearmour June 14, 2011
I've shelled them already, and the photo above has a dime in it for size reference (with the largest bean next to the dime.)
Sam1148 June 14, 2011
They have a tough outer shell (unless they're very young). So, you'll probably need to peel they'd have a pretty inedible husk around the beans.
pierino June 14, 2011
I feel your pain. Favas are total pain in the ass but they taste so good. It really depends on how young or big they are. I always go with blanching and peeling them even though we've had a great offering at the farmers markets recently. A friend of mine brought four pounds (unshelled) for a group dinner of old friends. I let him do all the work and cooked them La Quercia guanciale and pecorino cheese and mint.
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