Making lobster risotto. Already made stock from Other tips? foodpickle



aliyaleekong October 7, 2010
Depends on what you like as a combination. I recently did a jumbo lump crab and roasted corn risotto with some smoked mozzarella to finish, which was huge hit. Lobster would sub in well. One great trick I have is to make a risotto base (shallots, garlic, carnaroli rice, white wine, and stock) and cook until about 5 minutes from being finished. I spread it out on a baking dish and cool immediately in the fridge. When I want to serve, I can just saute any remaining spices ingredients, add the risotto, a bit more stock, and finish with butter/cream/cheese. Great when you are entertaining...
pierino October 7, 2010
Keep it "wet" and the pieces of lobster fairly small. For aromatics I would use shallots and carrots. Some reduction of a sparkling wine would work. You could add some saffron for color (very optional) and perhaps tarragon as an herb.
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