Par cooked lobster and Tomalley- is it cooked?

Im sure theres a more technical term for this, but Im going to be flash boiling lobster for 4 minutes for a lobster risotto recipe. When I do that, will the tomalley be thoroughly cooked or not? I havent eaten it before but am determined to get the most out of this lobster lol

Jennifer W
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1 Comment

aargersi September 25, 2021
The tomalley should be firm when fully cooked, same as the roe, so I’d give it a touch test. Also if you are stirring it into the risotto it will cook further. Fair warning, there IS some recent concern that, because it is a filter organ, it can contain environmental toxins. Not to poop on your parade and I think it’s fine to use it this time but I wouldn’t run around eating it every week or anything.
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