I love this cake but both times I made it I had to bake it 45 minutes and tent it to keep it from getting too dark.

I tested my oven and the temp is perfect. Could 400 be too hot?

Louisa's Cake
Recipe question for: Louisa's Cake


Ophelia June 20, 2011
Might be the pan. Might be the oven.
Consider preheating to a little over 400 and turning it down to a bit below 400 when you put the cake in. That way you don't get the high direct heat of the oven trying to bring itself back up to temperature after the door's been opened and shut. You'll probably still have to leave it in longer than the recipe asks, but it might help with the over-browning.
hardlikearmour June 20, 2011
it looks like you are not alone: http://www.food52.com/foodpickle/4485-a-question-about-a-recipe-louisa-s-cake?rp2fp

I'm wondering if location in the oven, size of pan, and pan composition are the variables that affect it.
maryjhawes June 20, 2011
It's Louisa's cake, the one that won the ricotta contest.
hardlikearmour June 16, 2011
400º seems hot for a cake. Most cakes bake at 325º to 350º. It would help to know what recipe you are using.
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