Does anyone have a good recipe for kale.?

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I love Kale and did you know according to the ANDI score (aggregate nutrient density index) That kale gets the highest score possible of 1000. Good stuff for you for sure.
If you are new to kale the texture can be daunting and the flavor can be assertive compared to other leafy greens.
for new folks to kale, I do the hide and seek method.
I will cut fine shreds and add them to my boiling pasta for the last 30 seconds or so, drain with the pasta and sauce it up.

also finely shredded kale is a great addition to refried beans. for tostada night it adds body to the refried beans, definately nutrition but the cool part is that the spiceyness of the kale is a combo with the tex-mex dinners.

you can't beat the newly popular Kale chips. It takes a boatload to get a bowlful of chips for the party. simply toss deribbed kale with a touch of oil and some other flavorings. ( ilike balsamic vinegar, or cajun spice) then dehydrate/bake them at 300 f. watching them often for about 7 minutes. a fine line between delighfully crispy brittle and burnt.

I even make a crazy raw kale sandwich that is satisfying and wonderful. raw deribbed kale tossed with lemon juice, tahini, garlic and salt and pepper. served on a multygrain bun. I call it me hippie hamburger.
Keep up & Kale on!
Panfusine June 16, 2011
These were some recent prize winning recipes.
Kitchen B. June 16, 2011
Depends on what you want to do with the kale. Lots of Kale recipes. See
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