A question about a recipe: Okonomiyaki

These look fantastic. Any special type of cabbage? Napa? Plain old green? thanks

Recipe question for: Okonomiyaki


SKK June 17, 2011
@lexmccall - thanks for the translation! I have loved okonomiyake for years, ever since my first travels to Japan. We eat it at little cafes where we sit around a table with a griddle in the middle and each make our own with whatever ingredients we choose. Now it all makes sense. Midge's recipe is the easiest I have seen, and I love it.
Lexmccall June 17, 2011
"okonomiyaki" was translated to me as "whatever you like, fried," so I'd imagine that any type of cabbage would be great. Green or red, chinese, napa--whatever is handy.
Midge June 17, 2011
Thanks! I use green cabbage, but it might be interesting to experiment with different kinds.
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