I would like to use frozen spinach...how would you modify the recipe to accompany this?

  • Posted by: AJinPG
  • June 18, 2011


Amanda H. June 19, 2011
Crisping it would help so it can hold the dip. And I would crisp it as is -- oil would make it heavy. Hope it turns out well!
AJinPG June 19, 2011
thank you for the ideas....one last question. I have Lavash bread...how to serve?
As is cut into small squares or crisped in oven? If so, for how long? and would I have to use any oil....Thanks again
Amanda H. June 18, 2011
Agree with SKK -- aim for the same weight. If, once it's thawed, it's very wet, then press out any excess liquid before starting step 3. Here's another great recipe that calls for frozen spinach: http://nyti.ms/j3cw8X
SKK June 18, 2011
I would use 2 packages of frozen spinach and thaw and drain thorougly. I like spinach a lot and never worry about having too much.
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