Using shredded frozen lettuce?

What can I do with shredded frozen lettuce?
Some internet search said that it can be used like frozen spinach, but I don't know how to substitute it (1:1? Any changes in recipe? Squeeze out the water first?) - any thoughts? Any other ideas on to use shredded frozen lettuce?



BerryBaby August 29, 2017
This is interesting. Never heard of this intentionally. I once had a head of iceberg freeze, fridge got too cold, and it was so watery I threw it out. Never thought to use it. Just didn't look so great.
Michele August 28, 2017
I often have excess of lettuce that is moving towards not being great so I regularly throw it into soup, or make soup with it or sauté it like I would spinach. For soup, the biggest hurdle was getting over the fact that lettuce wasn't just for salad and making soup was a great use. These might help. or
foofaraw August 28, 2017
Ooh nice! I have garlic, shallots, and mushroom water in freezer too, so I might try this soon. Thanks!
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 28, 2017
Frozen lettuce. Intriguing. I found this recipe online it calls for frozen lettuce and sounds amazing.

I also found this information:
– What can you do with frozen lettuce?

As mentioned earlier, besides freezing lettuce for smoothies, there are other simple ways to use frozen lettuce. Because defrosted lettuce will no longer be crisp or crunchy, using it for a salad really isn’t an option. Soups, casseroles, quiches, and stews are a great choice because they lend themselves to softer ingredients and usually involve a blend of different vegetables.

– Can you eat lettuce while it is still frozen? Is it safe?

Yes, frozen lettuce is safe to eat. However, if you want to keep the lettuce crunchy, you can keep it in the freezer for around 1 to 2 hours. Take it out and serve it with a dressing of your choice.
foofaraw August 28, 2017
I read that recipe actually, the only thing I am concerned about is that he only wants it to be frozen 1-2 hours, which means that it is only frozen a bit on the outside but not all. Mine is thinly shredded iceberg lettuce that will be frozen entirely. Would that work?
The smoothies/vegetable filler option sounds like a good idea? Should I squeeze out the water before using?
Nancy August 28, 2017
On the smoothies. If you like this idea, I would buzz up some of the fresh lettuce with whatever liquid you use...water, fruit juice, yogurt and freeze in 1-serve size or batch size (3-4 serve). Takes up less space than fresh & you won't get slushy or slimy product when you defrost. when you thaw, mix with fruit, nuts, seeds, more veg (to taste). Delicious, easy, gives you some veg and fruit fiber and great taste.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 28, 2017
I would just try it from frozen keeping in mind it will have a high water content. I guess I would experiment since you put the time & energy in freezing the lettuce.
dinner A. August 28, 2017
Lettuce can be a nice component of a vegetable stock.
foofaraw August 28, 2017
Do you use the lettuce solid part/fiber in the stock, either by blend/leave it, or discard it?
Windischgirl August 28, 2017
Since lettuce has a high water content, it doesn't freeze well. You run the risk of it turning to mush. It will be very watery, so squeeze it out, if you must use it. Was this a deliberate freezing (I.e., had more that would could eat) or accidental (fridge malfunctioned)? I never throw anything away but in this case I'd head for the compost bin.

Lettuce also has a very mild flavor, which will be muted by freezing. The only cooked lettuce dish I ever made was a Greek dish of grilled pork chops topped with a bechamel sauce combined with shredded romaine. Meh.
foofaraw August 28, 2017
We have a 14" bowl of shredded lettuce from a family gathering and most guests are OOT. It is sitting in my fridge now, but I am thinking of freezing it (if possible - hence the question) before it goes bad.
pierino August 28, 2017
I would make a minestrone and keep the lettuce in. Add a little day old bread to thicken. As in ribolitta.
Nancy August 28, 2017
Or use some of the fresh lettuce tomake one recipe of the French peas, to see how much you like that idea. Good as a side dish at dinner or weekend lunch. As we're beyond fresh pea season, better to use flash frozen baby peas.
Nancy August 27, 2017
I think it should be usable in petits pois a la francaise,
Queen Sashy recipe here
or the original place I learned it from:
The Art of Eating, by MFK Fisher
pierino August 27, 2017
You can use it in a hot vegetable soup. You didn't say what type of lettuce but in general it's a rather woeful ingredient.
foofaraw August 28, 2017
In that recipe, the romaine is broiled. How do I use the frozen lettuce in that recipe?
foofaraw August 28, 2017
Hi pierino, should I discard the lettuce after making the soup, or leave it in the soup, or blend it separately? What kind of soup would you recommend?
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