Which type of grain do you think is the most filling?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


linzarella June 23, 2011
I actually find quinoa not very filling at all. For a long time, I thought I didn't like it, because I was expecting it to have that stick-to-your-ribs satisfaction that rice, farro, and other grains have. But when I started thinking of it as a lighter food, more vegetable than grain, I enjoyed it more for what it was.

I always wondered why it wasn't more filling, given its high protein content. I guess it goes to show that there's more to satisfaction than calories and nutrients.
wssmom June 22, 2011
I find a little farro goes a long day, as does quinoa. Gluten-free brown rice pasta also fills one up quickly!
beyondcelery June 22, 2011
Quinoa is also very filling, with its high protein content. Remember that any grain with gluten in it will be processed by your body slower, thus keeping you full longer, than any gluten-free grain.
SKK June 22, 2011
Hemp seed - a wonderful nutty flavor and high in all the good stuff. It is in the refrigerated section.
francesca G. June 22, 2011
Farro and pearled barley are fairly filling, as are all rices. But, those two have a nutty richness that makes them stick to your sides.
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