Help! What kind of baked goods can I make with cream cheese that don't taste too much like cream cheese? I have a half pound.



Dorie G. June 24, 2011
Cream cheese dough really is a treat. Great for ruglelach, as RonaMosa suggested and great for tart dough (particularly crostatas) as ChefHef said.

Two more ideas: A Date and Nut Loaf, the recipe was posted this week on Popsicles and Sandy Feet, (full disclosure: it's my recipe from Baking From My Home to Yours); or the filling for a fruit tart. I don't have an exact recipe for the filling but you beat the cream cheese with as much powdered sugar as you'd like, then you fold in whipped cream. You get a great texture and the whipped cream tones done the tang of the cream cheese. The easiest -- and prettiest -- way to make a cream cheese/whipped cream tart is to spread the filling into a fully-baked tart shell or a graham cracker crust, top with a bunch of fresh berries and then either glaze the berries with a little red currant or raspberry jelly (heat it with a splash of water so that it's easy to brush or drizzle over the fruit) or just sprinkle the fruit with powdered sugar.
ChefHef June 24, 2011
Any time is the right time for pie! You have the right amount of cream cheese to make 2 batches of this pastry:

I have used it for crostatas( I add about 1 tbsp of sugar when I use for sweet) for pot pie, and for individual vegetable tarts, all with great success. It is very easy to work with as the cream cheese gives it a bit more stick-togetherness. I am thinking about a Peach and Raspberry Crostata now....
MeghanVK June 24, 2011
BlogHer recently did a sponsored contest with Kraft, soliciting food bloggers for recipes with cream cheese:

It's a little shill-y (ie, every recipe specifies PHILADELPHIA cream cheese in all caps), but the recipes look pretty good!
RonaMoser June 24, 2011
You can make Rugelach and fill them with jam and nuts or chocolate .
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