Wondering what other spice/flavor combinations you've tried, or would suggest using, when making Magical Coffee . Thanks, everyone. ;o)

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Magical Coffee
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drkate September 5, 2011
For my iced coffee, I make a simple syrup and add a teaspoon of vanilla to a cup and a half of syrup, which I then keep in a bottle I have repurposed from some other condiment. When I make a glass of coffee, I use about a teaspoon of simple syrup to 12 oz. coffee. I've also added a bit of lemon zest--that was nice-- and I've added a bit of peppermint extract with chocolate syrup in the winter instead of any simple syrup for sweetening.
thenewguy07 September 5, 2011
Cinnamon + ground cloves + ginger is what's in my first batch. Tomorrow morning, I'll try it straight to see what else I can add next time. I'm sure I'll add some coconut milk as my "cream" though.
toekneeray July 23, 2011
Once when I thought I was out of cinnamon (horrors!) I added ground ginger and a little vanilla extract. Not bad for an improvisation! I have a feeling that if you have a good understanding of the kinds of spices you like, you can't screw this up :)
simpassoc July 18, 2011
My sister-in-law makes a holiday coffee grog that call for cardomom, orange peel, cinammon, allspice berries and sugar. I have since used those ingredients in my cold-brewed coffee concentrate (similar to this recipe). I then freeze the concentrate in ice cube trays. I also use it as a base for very delicious ice pops and icecream.
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 24, 2011
Loved the recipe as is but I did make my own version. I used cinnamon, half&half and agave instead of brown sugar. It was delectable.
Kitchen B. June 24, 2011
Cardamom!!!! Freshly crushed seeds of the green. That's my go to with coffee. Or saigon cinnamon with orange zest
hardlikearmour June 24, 2011
cardamom & orange peel
Panfusine June 24, 2011
phyllis June 24, 2011
I'm a coffee purist, so I wouldn't add flavors, but a little vanilla might be nice if you like the taste in your coffee.
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