Beet greens?

Any good ideas? We are yielding quite a bit right now.



MigrantKitchen June 27, 2011
Ooo, I LOVE beet greens! You can toss them in a soup just like you would spinach, or they make a wonderful pesto:

Word to the wise, though: they will turn any dish a lovely magenta. I think it's fun, but i couldn't convince my boyfriend to eat purple vegetable soup!
uws80 June 26, 2011
Use just like spinach (without the stems). With the stems on, they're great in frittatas, and pasta dishes.
Lucy M. June 26, 2011
I used beet greens in my New Year's Day Greens with Pine Nuts and Raisins. (and I'm going to try the pink greens - yum!)
Merrill S. June 26, 2011
This recipe is a total winner:
Panfusine June 26, 2011
Simply saute them with olive oil, salt, pepper & garlic. They're delicious!
SKK June 26, 2011
Martha Rose Shulman has a great recipe for greens at
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