A question about a recipe: Roasted Radish and Potato Salad with Black Mustard and Cumin Seed I have never heard of milk yogurt.

I have a question about step 5 on the recipe "Roasted Radish and Potato Salad with Black Mustard and Cumin Seed" from gingerroot. It says:

"Remove pan from oven and allow vegetables to completely cool (making it easy to remove from pan without sticking – especially the potatoes). Halve small radishes. Transfer roasted radishes and potatoes to a bowl. Add yogurt, black mustard/cumin seed mixture and green onions, folding with a spatula to combine. Add lemon juice mixture by the teaspoonful until you reach desired taste. I added one and a half teaspoons of lemon juice-salt-sugar mixture. Fold to combine. Cover mixture with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least an hour to allow flavors to develop. Bring salad to room temperature before enjoying. "

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1 Comment

gingerroot June 27, 2011
Hi babygrrlktty, Sorry for the confusion. I am referring to yogurt made from whole milk, as opposed to a fat free version. Hope that clarifies things for you!
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