Store-bought chicken broth: what are your favorite brands? I used to like Swanson, but now everything not homemade tastes too chemical or salty or bland. I like to have a box or two on the shelf, but what kind?



phyllis September 2, 2018
I used Swanson for a long time but it started tasting too salty and I switched to Pacific.
Sam1148 November 4, 2012
One way to boost up a canned/box broth is to add 1/3 to 1/2 tsp of unflavored gelatin to a cup.
That gives it richer mouth feel. Not too much tho, you don't want jello shots.

Enriching the canned stock with carrots, celery, onions, herbs for a simmer and strain before using helps also. The low sodium stock is better as mentioned---because they have to use more chicken flavor instead of salt and MSG to get flavor.
katemang November 4, 2012
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Madame S. October 11, 2010
If I have to buy it I ALWAYS use Pacific Natural Foods Organic Free Range Low Sodium Broth. It has the least amount of sodium.

Making homemade it so much better. If I roast a chicken for dinner I out the carcass in the freezer until I am ready to make the stock. I actually did it yesterday with 3 bodies!! I think I ended up with close to 2 gallons!
calendargirl October 10, 2010
Thank you so much, everyone! You have introduced me to some new ideas (jazzing up boxed broth), a new brand or two to try (Rachael Ray, Wolfgang Puck) and confirmed my resolve to have some homemade broth or stock in the freezer. Love that food52!
pikawicca October 10, 2010
Cook's Illustrated recently tested chicken broths, and Rachael Ray's came out on top. I have not seen this product in stores in my area, however.
Jimbo October 10, 2010
Honestly, it's so easy to make your own stock/broth and the result is so much better than any store brand that I never buy canned broth. In fact, if a recipe calls for broth and I don't have any handy, I'll just use water because the canned broth is so weak and flavorless. But the recipe for chicken stock in the Cook's Illustrated Best Recipes is great and it yields stock or broth in an hour. I save my chicken backs in the freezer and when I get a couple I make stock. Or I just use a whole chicken (minus the breasts). All you do is cut up the chicken in 1/2 in pieces and over a medium heat lightly brown the chicken in batches for about ten minutes. Then throw all the browned chicken in the pot and cook in juices for another ten minutes. Then add water,a whole onion and simmer for 30 minutes or so. Take off the heat and strain. When cool, freeze in tupperware or in ice cube trays.
Keira O. September 2, 2018
Jimbo--The question was "Store-bought chicken broths: what are your favorite brands?" So "Honestly, it's so easy/it's SO much better to make your own...yada, yada, yada..." isn't the answer she was looking for on account of the fact that she obviously is looking for something quick at a moment's notice. Most people don't have random chicken remnants just hanging out in the freezer, plus you have to spend time defrosting, roasting, chopping, etc. When you're looking for go-to "right now" broth, store-bought is the way to go. She asked which one people liked the most when using store brands. Generally home-made anything is always better than store bought, but she specifically asked about store-bought broth. Nice that you have the ingredients and time to do that, but for anyone--specifically, the person asking the question--who wants it RIGHT NOW, having a few boxes of ready-to-pour chicken broth on hand is a big help for anyone who wants a "no-muss, no fuss" spur of the moment meal without spending a few extra hours making it from scratch. No one is arguing about whether or not homemade soup tastes better.
Hilarybee October 10, 2010
I use Trader Joe's low salt vegetable stock. I prefer the taste of vegetable stock- I think it has a richer taste and more homemade aroma. My husband and I eat meat minimally- so whenever I can reduce the use of a meat product, I do.
anyone October 10, 2010
At home I have been using Pacific free range chicken broth for about five years and haven't used anything else since. Not sure of the price difference to any of the other brands mentioned. But, if I need more than a Quart, (usually need a gallon) I just buy a fryer and some veg. and make my own.
CHeeb October 10, 2010
Try College Inn( play on colagen ,perhaps ??) Rotisserie Chicken Stock. It is very home made tasting. It comes in a cardboard soft box with a pour spout ,closeable tab to store in the frig if any is left .
TheWimpyVegetarian October 10, 2010
Swanson's is my favorite too, but have been just fine with Progresso. And I usually chop up some celery, 1 or 2 carrots, 1/2 onion, some parsley, black peppercorns and a bay leaf; throw them all into the canned chicken broth and simmer for 30 minutes to get a little more flavor into the broth.
nutcakes October 10, 2010
I have bought Wolfgang Puck and Progresso at the 99 cent store, I have some in the pantry now. I have also tried many natural foods brands that you see in the natural food sections. The natural food brands are the worst to me, unfortunately.I can't say I like any better than Swanson, but I don't mind the Puck and the Progresso and I will buy a quart at that price any day.

I also often find Muir Glen, Progresso, Hunt's and other name brand both 14 and 28 oz cans of tomatoes. Not always, but when I see them I try to stock up.
pierino October 9, 2010
Whatever you think about Wolfgang Puck, the boxed stuff is actually not bad. Progresso is pretty decent. Neither will be 99 cents.
Jon P. October 9, 2010
Most natural food sections of grocery stores will have a couple different options that have a much shorter and less-threatening ingredient list.
nutcakes October 9, 2010
I haven't found one I prefer over Swanson low salt. But sometimes I will by cartons of other brands from the 99 cent store.
healthierkitchen October 9, 2010
I sometimes use boxes of Kitchen Basics Unsalted Chicken stock and find it OK. The unsalted versions of any of the soups will perk up with a pinch or two of your own salt.
Keira O. September 2, 2018
I LOVE Kitchen Basics! It's economically priced and tastes like chicken. Doesn't have to be overpriced organic brands to taste good.
Savorykitchen October 9, 2010
I use Swanson "Natural Goodness" or Swanson Organic. The NG version is also gluten-free.
phyllis October 9, 2010
When I use non-homemade, it's Swanson in the
box, sodium reduced or Swanson chicken broth.
All if the cans taste too metallic to me.
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