Storing simply syrup

Will my lovage and lemon-balm infused simple syrup last in glass jars in a cool spot until the 4th? They won't fit in my fridge!



gluttonforlife June 29, 2011
I added a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice (it's for a cocktail that contains lemon juice) and will keep the jars in a cool spot that is not too damp and hope for the best. Thanks again!
dawabr June 29, 2011
You should have no problem keeping it out of the fridge until the 4th since it is only a few days away...2-3-4 weeks could be an issue. I have had some mold in the fridge and some be fine out of the fridge for months. All depends on how clean the container was to begin with or if you "contaminate" it during repeated usage. Adding alcohol or lemon juice will certainly change the flavor profile.
gluttonforlife June 29, 2011
Hmmm....looking for consensus here. My cool spot (cellar) definitely tends to be damp, which is why I'm fearing mold. The jars were definitely clean but not sterilized, and they won't fit in my freezer. And I'm worried that adding alcohol or lemon will change the flavor. Maybe a neighbor's fridge is the way to go... Thanks, all.
liz77 June 29, 2011
add a good splash of grain alcohol to the jar -- it floats to the top and keeps the syrup from molding. just make sure to swish it around before pouring.
vvvanessa June 29, 2011
i would find a way to freeze or refrigerate it. maybe in a neighbor's fridge? from lots of bartending experience, i can say that simpe syrups infused with lovage (or mint or other herbs) are definitely prone to mold. you might have a shot at their being okay if the jars were sterilized and the herbs came to a boil, but otherwise, i would definitely keep them cold.
Sam1148 June 28, 2011
@boulandgere. Really, I'm interested. What kind of infusions did you use?
I normally make it plan..or with ginger, and sometimes mint. Which frankly doesn't last because we use it for ice tea, drinks etc. Did you sterilize the container?

I guess this is one of those 'fuzzy' area depending on infusions and storage methods.
boulangere June 28, 2011
Seriously, Sam1148? Mine has molded even in under refrigeration in 3-4 weeks without an acid added.
Sam1148 June 28, 2011
Simple sugar is stable for months at room temp.
boulangere June 28, 2011
You might want to add the juice of half a lemon to each jar to discourage mold. How cool is your cool spot? I have a basement storage room with a cement floor, whose door I rarely open, and that works pretty well for me in situations like this.
SKK June 28, 2011
You can freeze it in the glass jars.
pierino June 28, 2011
Should be okay as simple syrup is just water and sugar. The infusion isn't going to make those ingredients spoil.
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