Red Velvet cake recipe?

I've always wanted to try making a red velvet cake but there are so many different recipes I don't know which one I should try. Does anyone have one specific one they used that turned out really well?

  • Posted by: Reen
  • July 3, 2011


Emily H. July 5, 2011
There are many, many different opinions about red velvet, and what is best. But my main recommendation is this: use MORE cocoa powder than food coloring. That's a general rule for me. And a classic cream cheese frosting is key.
tizzle July 5, 2011
Can't go wrong with Martha. I used her red velvet cupcake recipe and it was delish every time. Good flavor, moist, great color.

Basically, Martha is always my first stop for baking recipes. There is a reason she has an empire!
Bevi July 4, 2011
Here's one by Deb Perlman, and it's really pretty:
lorigoldsby July 4, 2011
I jokingly say that any idiot can make a red velvet cake...just use good cocoa, real buttermilk and cake flour, but I change the food coloring to Blue....and it's a Blue Velvet ...wowowo...
innoabrd July 3, 2011
I've never attempted red velvet, mostly because I have a friend from New Iberia, LA who does, in my opinion, the uber red velvet cake and I'm intimidated. However, the Lee brothers have a recipe in their book and I trust them in all things Southern...
Amanda H. July 3, 2011
Here's one:
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