Can I replace the butter in a muffin recipe with an equivalent amount of virgin coconut oil?

With berries hitting our local farmers' markets, I'm on a mission to come up with a really great - but more healthful - berry muffin recipe. I plan to incorporate some whole grain flours into the mix, but now I'm wondering if I can use virgin coconut oil in place of all or part of the butter called for in a recipe? Thanks!



japanna July 4, 2011
Doesn't it matter that the fat content is different between butter and oil? Butter is usually around 80% fat while coconut oil is 100%.

Maybe it would make more sense to use 80% coconut oil, 20% liquid like milk or water to balance it out and keep the muffins from being too oily.
withinseason July 4, 2011
I haven't tried this yet with muffins, but I have it with one of my fav cookie recipes for comparisons sake. Overall: there was an ever-so-slight coconut flavor in the final product (more like a scent than flavor -- it was delightful, actually). But, I definitely noticed that the results were dryer & crumblier, and that this got more noticeable on day 2+.
Marnely July 4, 2011
Yes. Normally muffins are made with a melted fat because there is no need to aerate it (as there is for cupcakes which have a light, airy crumb structure). Coconut Oil will work perfectly in muffins!
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