I have muffin recipe that calls for almond milk and coconut oil, but I don't have either of those ingredients in. What can I substitute for them?

Other ingredients include bran flakes, brown sugar, flour, mashed bananas, cranberries (Craisins)

  • Posted by: carol
  • September 24, 2019


Nancy September 24, 2019
Any regular density cow, nut or plant milk.
Evaporated milk is denser. You could use that if you dilute it.
Avoid condensed milk because it is sweetened, and will change the sweetness & chemistry of the original recipe.
Any oil. If you want to use butter, use 1.25x the amount of oil in the recipe.
carol September 24, 2019
Thank you, Nancy. I was pretty sure about the substitutions, but I wanted to be sure before I got the muffins fully mixed.
Emma L. September 24, 2019
Hi Carol! In place of the almond milk, you could swap in any milk (another non-dairy milk would work best, since that's what the recipe was developed to use, but dairy milk would probably be fine, too). And in place of the coconut oil, you could swap in vegetable or canola (or even a combo of one of those with a bit of olive mixed in).
carol September 24, 2019
Thanks, Emma. I thought I could swap oils, but I would think that olive oil will impart too much of its own taste. I'll stick with the veg oil and see how the muffins turn out.
carol September 24, 2019
Can I substitute evaporated milk ? Vegetable oil?
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