Is it best to store a cooled, un-iced cake in the fridge or at room temp? Need to bake it off around 18 hours before serving, and was planning on icing it closer to serving-time.

Brette Warshaw


hardlikearmour July 5, 2011
I'm with amanda. If you're worried about it being too dry, you can drizzle it with a sugar syrup before frosting. (1 cup syurp = 6 T sugar brought to a rolling boil with 2/3 cup water while stirring. Remove from heat then cover and cool to room temperature. Add 3 T liqueur, and enough water to bring it to a cup volume.)
Amanda H. July 5, 2011
Either is fine, but I prefer to let the cake cool completely, and wrap it in plastic wrap until serving. If you decide to go the fridge route, just make sure you take it out early enough for it to come to room temperature before serving.
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