In storing cooked dried beans, should i drain them or store them in their cooking liquid?


garlic&lemon July 6, 2011
It depends on what you intend to do with them later. If you have made soupy beans for a main or side dish (Mexican or Latin American style), freeze with the liquid. When you serve them again, you will want the delicious liquid. The gelatinous liquid softens up when reheated. If you plan to use them later as an ingredient in other dishes, then I agree with the previous answers: drain and freeze.
nogaga July 6, 2011
Yes, I too always drain, allow to get quite dry, then put in baggies and freeze. Hope this is useful!
Panfusine July 6, 2011
Drain them & store (I assume you mean freezing), the liquid tends to get glutinous due the proteins leaching out otherwise, and also, its faster to thaw when you decide to use them.
There was an earlier question on this same topic, lemme see if I can .dig it out.

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