Canned v. Dried beans

Thanks to all the advice I got here last week, my black Bean came out better when I cooked them without rinsing. But they weren't creamy, like those at the taqueria down the street..

Was watching Americas test kitchen on Saturday and they said canned Goya are best, because grocery stores in America don't have enough turnover to ensure high quality beans.

What's your experience? Should I just stop trying to make good beans and just go back to cans?



QueenSashy February 10, 2015
I too prefer dry beans to canned -- no matter what you do to the canned stuff, I can still taste the can :( Another thing that helps with the flavor is to add a bay leaf, a small carrot and/or a teaspoon of vinegar while cooking.
Maedl February 10, 2015
I think beans are only harvested once a year, so you could easily order a supply to carry you through August or September. Check with Rancho Gordo to see when they harvest their crops, then plan accordingly.
puttakka February 10, 2015
Thanks again everyone your the tips and the rancho Gordon website. I too prefer to avoid the tinny taste of canned beans but I'm so tired of eating flavorless badly cooked (by me) beans.

As for the rancho gordo beans, how many to order at a time? If I cook two cups of various beans each week, how many should I order? If the goal is freshness, I wouldn't want to stock up too much, right? Shipping to the east cost is very high.

Maybe I'll canvass around here and see if anyone wants to do a group order. Anyone here from the Greater Boston area?
Nancy February 10, 2015
I found the Rancho Gordo beans delicious but too high in cost (bfans themselves abd shipping to east) fir regular use. either do your collective shipping (if you get enough people) or order a sample set as a treat ...include different types you like, while looking for Good tasting beans closer to home. And/or ask Rancho Gordo if they now sell to any retailers near you.
Maedl February 10, 2015
Do you have a Hispanic supermarket near by? That's where I buy black beans and I have been impressed with the way they cook.
ChefJune February 9, 2015
It depends upon where you purchase your dried beans. If you are in an area like I am, with a lot of Middle Eastern and Hispanic folks, the dried beans are fresh - especially the Goya beans -- because the turnover is so high. I generally purchase my dried beans from the bulk bins at Whole Foods, or order direct from Rancho Gordo. That DEFINITELY ensures freshness. Personally I don't care for canned beans. I always think I can taste the can, and I really dislike all that gunk that's in with the beans.
puttakka February 9, 2015
I've been using beans from whole foods bulk bins...but maybe out turnover isn't that high. I'll check out rancho Gordo...thanks!
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