chickpeas roasted

How can I get my home-roasted chickpeas to be as crunchy as those you purchase in the store? I've been using beans that I've soaked and cooked at home. They are reasonably crunchy right out of the oven, but soften up upon sitting. I do thoroughly dry the beans after cooking. Should I use soaked but uncooked beans?

  • Posted by: Juliann
  • August 8, 2016


Susan W. August 8, 2016
I agree. They just don't get as crunchy. I don't think just soaking them and then roasting will work. It could also make you quite sick if they aren't fully cooked. I have a dehydrator that I use to make beef jerky that I've toyed trying after cooking the beans but before roasting. It's still in the thinking phase.
Nancy August 8, 2016
Not sure how to answer, but would love to see a solution. I also make roasted chickpeas at home, but was taught to make them for immediate consumption because of the problem you raise.
Suspect the ones you buy in store are cooked and dried in industrial machines (similar to wasabi peas and the like), not repeatable under home conditions.
Last, do not use soaked but uncooked beans...the result will be hard but inedible.
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