Where is Dutch process cocoa

a Whole Foods Market Customer


Ophelia July 9, 2011
Not terribly hard to find, Hershey's "Special Dark" (not the regular stuff) and the Ghirardelli "sweet ground chocolate and cocoa" are both dutch processed, not fancy organic, imported, free-trade chocolate, but good for baking.
In a pinch you can add about 1/8 of a teaspoon of baking soda to every 3 tablespoons of regular cocoa powder to counteract the acidity of the chocolate and maintain the right chemical balance in your recipe; although the flavours are a little different it's not terrible or even that noticable.
I suspect they wanted to know where the baking section at their whole foods is though.
KLL5 July 9, 2011
It actually is a good question... dutch process is so hard to find!! I even asked Elizabeth Faulkner, a desert chef and rep for scharffen berger chocolate about it. She didn't even seem to know much about the difference! I have tried finding it SO MANY places: Whole Foods, specialty stores, regular stores, in NYC, SF... all over the country! So I am going with that it makes no difference to use one type or the other.
Amanda H. July 9, 2011
Are you looking for it in the store? If so, it's best to ask at customer service. Foodpickle is for food and cooking questions when you want answers from experienced home cooks. Hope you'll try the service another time!
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