I saw a recipe on here (I think) for a peasant tomato soup that used copious amounts of thinly sliced raw garlic. Now I can't find it. Anyone know what I'm referring to?

Frank Ball


ellenl October 11, 2010
I am so happy that I could help! I'm going to make it too.
Frank B. October 11, 2010
Thanks to you both; Ellenl has nailed it. This is the one I was looking for.
drbabs October 11, 2010
Is this it?
ellenl October 11, 2010
Is this it---garlic-tomato soup from granny's ania notebook? If so, I believe I found it by clicking on one link after another, also beginning with food52. I tried to find it for you, but was unsuccessful. HOWEVER, I happened to print it since I often can't remember where I've see something. This may be it. Very simple-- 1.5 kils toms(3.3 lbs.), 3 bulbs garlic, 3 Tb. olive oil, salt, 1/2 tsp. sugar, 2/3 cp. veg. stock. Peel and cube toms., separate, peel, and slice super-thin all garlic cloves. Saute garlic few mins. (don't let it brown), stir in toms. for another few mins. Add stock, sugar, bring to boil. Reduce heat, cook 20 - 30 mins., puree, salt to taste. Hope this helps.
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