How long can you keep an opened container of tahini in the fridge?



melissav October 12, 2010
Good to know. Thanks everyone!
Savorykitchen October 11, 2010
At least a year. Per pierino's comment, mine has always separated out making a thin layer of sesame oil over the top, so I've never bothered with "supplemental" oiling.

It could go rancid over time I suppose - so I do suggest you taste a bit before proceeding with a recipe. Also, if it's moldy or scummy looking (perhaps because someone used a dirty spoon to scoop some out and let nasty bits in the can/jar) toss it.
aargersi October 11, 2010
Mine's about 8 months old and doing fine!!
pierino October 11, 2010
I'm kind of with tiggybee on this one, but I might take the precaution of pouring a thin layer of olive oil on top before seeling it back up.
TiggyBee October 11, 2010
It will last at least a year when kept in the fridge.
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