Breville or Dualit countertop oven?

I would like to purchase a really good countertop oven/toaster to sub for my regular oven (which turns the whole apartment into an oven in the summer). They are both pretty pricey; the Breville gets high marks but seems to have some tech difficulties over time with the LCD display. It has only a 1-year warranty and a shorter track record. Most online reviewers love it, but have owned it for only a few months. Does anyone have either of these items?



creamtea August 3, 2011
Thanks, Gale. Good to know you've been happy with it for a fair amount of time. I'm leaning in the Breville direction.
Gale August 2, 2011
Have had a Breville for at least two years with absolutely no problems and it's used a lot for toasting, broiling and roasting. I bought for the larger size and the good luck I've had with Breville products. It does take up space but is worth every inch as far as I'm concerned. Much better than heating up the big one for small(er) items. Would get another in a minute.
creamtea August 2, 2011
thanks, drbabs.
drbabs August 2, 2011
I'm not sure if this helps you...we have a Sanyo and like it a lot. No trouble.
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