What Kitchen gadgets do you have in the house that you just don't remember purchasing.

The thread about the Crinkle slicer got my thinking last night. We too have a crinkle slicer in the gadget drawer.
I don't remember buying or inheriting it, and neither does my partner. Same thing for the egg slicer.
I think these things just may be magically traveling from Kitchen to Kitchen.

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • July 12, 2011


Kitchen B. July 15, 2011
I absolutely love the egg slicer idea for other things! Genius....
Kitchen B. July 15, 2011
And I joined the clan with my special crinkled knife.....purchased yesterday in a fit of.....I don't know what - shopping madness?
Panfusine July 15, 2011
thanks to this pickle, rediscovered the joy of using my old crinkle cutter for my salads, cucumbers really do look much prettier all waffled up!
latoscana July 15, 2011
I have a rubber spatula with a chipped blade and a slightly melted plastic handle that comes apart yet I can't part with it. It's the perfect size and balance and it really scrapes up every morsel in a bowl. I have no idea where I got it and my efforts to replace it have been flops - I've probably bought a half-dozen different products and none of them measure up. Suggestions welcome!
mcd2 July 14, 2011
i use my egg slicer all the time! i like the idea of also using it for strawberries. i agree about the pasta serving gauge. i have nut picks that have never been used however. they look sooo useful but i never seem to need them for anything.
jeinde July 13, 2011
I see several people have mentioned not using their egg slicer. I went to a food demo where the chef was using an egg slicer to slice strawberries to cut uniform slices that she used to decorate the outside and top of a strawberry whipped cream cake. The evenly sliced strawberries made the cake gorgeious. The chef also used the slicer for mushrooms. Her egg slicer was all metal, not a cheap plastic. I had to go out and buy one; don't know that I'll ever use it for eggs.
Bevi July 13, 2011
pasta serving gauge?
Panfusine July 13, 2011
a herb mincer that has 5 parallel wheels... now that you got me thinking about it, I think it would come in handy for making fresh fettucine pasta, but... it seems to have vanished w/o a trace!
Kari J. July 13, 2011
@sdebrango It's a julienne slicer! I love mine. When i'm throwing together a small salad, or something for myself, and don't feel like using my mandoline, you can just julienne carrot/squash/anything with the peeler!
Sam1148 July 12, 2011
@sederango. I think that's a common zester. Or if it really cuts off a big strip, probably a cocktail gadget used to make citrus garnishes for drinks.
Sam1148 July 12, 2011
This is one I know I purchased..and probably one of the more useful things in the junk drawer, even if I only use it twice a year.
A Peanut Butter Stirrer.
We don't eat a lot of PB...but for natural peanut butter the big pain is stirring in the oil.
This makes it easy and very little mess.
sdebrango July 12, 2011
A vegetable peeler that peels in stripes. I don't remember buying it and for the life of me can't figure out what I would use it for except maybe a cucumber.
aargersi July 12, 2011
hmm - we have a wheely pizza cutter thing (actually use it now and again) and an egg slicer and a lot of random chopsticks and a bottle brush. No clue how they got here. Let's not even talk about the garage!!!
Sam1148 July 12, 2011
We also have one thing I have idea what it is...it's flat, skinny, long wooden thing, with V prong on the end and a little round hole at the bottom of the V. I use it sometimes as a egg beater. My theory is it could have used for sewing, as it looks yarn or something would be nested in the hole--maybe a spinning wheel part?
I tried to find it for a pic----but it seems to have migrated now that I' m on to it's games.
SKK July 12, 2011
e-z-rol garlick peeler - "Fresh rolled garlic in seconds! No garlic Odor! Easy to clean!"
As if...never use it.
Helen's A. July 12, 2011
Anything from Pampered Chef was not my purchase! People tend to bring me gadgets that they think are useful, then I can't get rid of them! Who really needs an avocado knife anyways?!
Merrill S. July 12, 2011
Chip clip!
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