Refreezing meat

Last night I got out some frozen ground turkey to thaw and placed it in the fridge. I was planning on having it this evening but changed my mind...(it is now thawed)
Can I put it back in the freezer or do I have to cook it before I freeze it?

  • Posted by: skittle
  • July 12, 2011


mainecook61 July 12, 2011
I have two freezers full of farm-raised meat: chicken, pork, beef. I refreeze all the time, cutting up a whole chicken and refreezing some of the parts, for instance. Another example: I toss pork scraps and fat from trimming a large cut into a bag and refreeze, the better to make a bit of breakfast sausage at a later date. If you take care to defrost carefully (not on a warm counter), it is really quite all right. I have been doing it for years. I think all the warnings about how it ruins the quality of the meat, etc. etc. is just untested "information" that keeps getting passed along. While we're on the topic, most guides to freezing meat drastically underestimate the time that it will keep in the freezer. The key is a cold freezer (zero); recently we had a chicken that had been butchered two years ago and ended up on the freezer bottom. It became kebabs on the grill (thigh and leg meat) and cutlets (breast) and it was delicious.
Timothy B. July 12, 2011
I would fry it up. Then freeze it.

Sam1148 July 12, 2011
Mostly it would alter the texture and flavor of the meat.
Like they said, cook it up..and then you can freeze the cooked product.
I'm pretty happy with the 5 buck "Ziplock" vacuum bag and hand pump.
I even have a food saver, but the ziplock bags are easy to reseal, quick and cheep.
Much better for short term freezing, or storing cheese in the 'fridge, as the bags have a zip top when you want a bit of cheese and can reseal/vac. Not a complete replacement but well worth the 5 bucks .
skittle July 12, 2011
I did leave it in the fridge. I will cook it first though. Sigh. Thanks anyway!
SKK July 12, 2011
Cook before refreezing. Not worth the risk. I was always told never refreeze meat.
nishis July 12, 2011
Did you leave it in the fridge the whole time or put it on the counter? While I have done this myself (where it never got below fridge temp), I don't think it's worth the risk if it made it all the way down to room temperature.
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