I need help with my David Lebovitz mint ice cream recipe.

How can I make the mint more pronounced? The last time I made mint ice cream, the mint flavor was less than subtle...barely existent. This time, should I add more mint, steep 2 days instead of overnight, (eggs aren't involved at this point in recipe) crush the leaves more...what do you recommend? The recipe only calls for steeping the mint for an hour in the heated milk, sugar, etc.

Stephanie G


christy August 4, 2011
you might try using the 8oz, but leaves only. i find the stems make it too herby.
Gidget265 August 3, 2011
OMG - when I weighed my mint, and steeped for as long as required by the recipe we ended up with mint ice cream that was not subtle. We joke about it - as being BAM MINT ice cream. NO joking - we thought it should be bright green and shocking looking for all the mint flavor imparted and I only steeped a smidge longer than the recipe recommended... Definitely weigh the mint, and then my advice is to use less....
Stephanie G. July 14, 2011
Aha! I didn't weigh or use stems. MIssed that part of the recipe! I wll steep overnight with much more bruised mint.
Lexmccall July 14, 2011
And use the stems of the mint as well as the leaves. (Definitely crush the stems a bit to release the flavors, with the back of a heavy knife or something similar.)
Also, are you weighing the mint, as he suggests? When I made this a few weeks ago, I was shocked how much mint I needed to add up to the 80g he calls for--even using the heavier stems from my chocolate mint plant.
Amanda H. July 14, 2011
Your ideas are great -- I'd add more mint and bruise it a little before steeping. But overnight should be plenty of time.
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