I just bought a beautiful "unused" Romertopf (sp) clay pot in the shape of a large fish at a yard sale for 1 dollar! The woman selling it didn't have the instructions that came with it and I'm wondering if anyone could give me some help with this. The bottom of the pot is lined with what appears to be ceramic.I asked some friends about it and one thought I needed to soak it before each use. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  • Posted by: violist
  • October 11, 2010


Savorykitchen October 11, 2010
Glad to help!
violist October 11, 2010
Savorykitchen, thanks for the link. It answered ALL of my questions.
Savorykitchen October 11, 2010
this might be helpful - from their site: http://www.romertopfonline.com/guide.html
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