Squash Blossoms

Just picked up some squash blossoms- now what? Do I have to take the stems off or do anything to them, or can I just start chopping and frying them for my quesadillas? :) Thanks!

  • Posted by: mpittsm
  • August 22, 2011


DueSpaghetti August 22, 2011
Squash blossoms are an absolute delight, but there are a few things you want to know about preparing them. There are male and female squash blossoms. The males grow off of the stem of the zucchini plant, and have stamen inside their blossom. The females grow directly off of the end of the zucchini, and have pistils inside their blossom. If you have males, remove the entire stem and the stamen inside. If you have females, remove the pistils. In addition, male and female blossoms have slightly tough, green "leaves" around their base. You may wish to snap these off, also. Rinse your blossoms under water gently to remove bugs, as was mentioned in a prior comment, and pat dry carefully. Now, you blossoms are ready to be cooked! Two of our favorite squash blossom recipes are http://wp.me/p1z3bv-9R and http://wp.me/p1z3bv-aZ. Good luck!
mpittsm August 22, 2011
Thank you!
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nope the whole goodie is great. the stems might be fibery if they are thick. but all of the structures on the inside are good eats. make sure there is no bees left in there. ;)
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