Chilling refreshing drinks on a picnic and a budget

I am going on a picnic tomorrow and I want to make an adult beverage for it. I am going to make the Retro Raspberry Lime Rickey recipe I found on here and throw some gin or vodka in it. I want to be able to keep it cool, but I don't have a cooler or picnic basket, nor a thermos I can chill.. what is the best way to transport this drink and keep it cool?



latoscana July 15, 2011
Also, you can make ice cubes out of any of the non-alcoholic ingredients. Freeze a raspberry in each cube. It's great for other drinks, too, like iced tea: prevents the drink from getting watered down.
Sam1148 July 15, 2011
If you don't have far to travel. A bag of ice put in a cardboard box lined with newspaper and/or old magazine and a garbage bag works fine. Plus you'll have ice for the drinks.
SKK July 15, 2011
@GreenLass, great idea. Live and learn - this is one of the reasons I love foodpickle
GreenLass July 15, 2011
Another thing you can do is make your own ice packs - 3 parts water, one part rubbing alcohol (or water mixed with salt) poured into ziploc bags and freeze overnight. Pack these around your raspberry mixture in a plastic grocery bag and carry that way, or place in a tote alongside the vodka.
SKK July 15, 2011
Use the vodka to chill the drink. Take a milk container, or something like that, put the voka bottle in it, fill it with water and freeze. Wrap it in newspaper before you travel, that will keep the cold in. Have your raspberry mixture ready, refrigerated, and wrap in newspaper. Mix on site. The vodka won't freeze and it have a lovely thick, cold consistency. Newspaper is what my grandparents used before ice makers and coolers.
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