A question about a recipe: Simply Raspberry Muffins

Do you think these could be made and baked ahead and frozen? thx!

  • Posted by: kelleya
  • July 16, 2011
Simply Raspberry Muffins
Recipe question for: Simply Raspberry Muffins


kelleya July 21, 2011
Thank you!
fiveandspice July 19, 2011
That's so great to know! Thanks for sharing CheSuzanne.
TheWimpyVegetarian July 19, 2011
I defrosted one and then reheated for 5 minutes in a toaster oven. Verdict: the raspberries were still fine - probably b/c they had already broken down somewhat when they were baked the first time; the surface still had a slight crispiness to it; but they weren't quite as floaty-light as they were fresh from the oven. The flavor was still just fabulous!
TheWimpyVegetarian July 17, 2011
I've decided to defrost one of the them tomorrow and see how it is. I'll let you all know!
kelleya July 17, 2011
Thank you for the advice. I too am getting ready for house guests at the end of the month and wanted to get a few things done ahead and these look so great. Chezsuzanne, good luck with the results!
fiveandspice July 17, 2011
Great questions. I've actually never tried either freezing these or the batter, so I can't say for certain. I'd guess the baked muffins would freeze and defrost ok, though as ATG117 points out, they'd be a little soggier on top. But, when I defrost baked goods, I usually have good luck if then I warm them up a little in the oven or toaster oven right before serving. With regards to freezing the batter, I have no idea. I've only ever frozen things like pie/tart crusts.
ATG117 July 17, 2011
I'd be weary that the raspberries would let off moisture when defrosted making the cake around it soggy. But I'm not positive this is the case. I'd also think the muffin top would no longer have that slight crunch once defrosted.
On a related note, curious as to what others think about making the batter ahead? How long does batter keep in the fridge? Any rules about this?
TheWimpyVegetarian July 17, 2011
Hope so, since that's what I did today. We've got family coming to visit end of the month, and I think my granddaughter will love them! Seems to me freezing til we need them should work, but am curious if others think otherwise.
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