A question about a recipe: Simple Summer Peach Cake

I should be working right now but I've got five perfectly ripe black plums calling my name to bake something with them. Has anyone tried making this cake with plums?

  • Posted by: Midge
  • July 19, 2011
Simple Summer Peach Cake
Recipe question for: Simple Summer Peach Cake


AntoniaJames July 12, 2021
I made it with plums and it turned out beautifully. Altogether delicious. The plums were a little tarter than most ripe peaches. I reduced the sugar, too. Highly recommend. ;o)
Amanda H. July 12, 2021
Thanks for letting us know AJ!
Midge July 19, 2011
Thanks so much Amanda. Plums worked great! Love this recipe.
Amanda H. July 19, 2011
I haven't but I've made many cakes with plums folded (or pressed) into the batter, and I think they'd work well in this cake.
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