A question about a recipe: Simple Summer Peach Cake

I have a question about the ingredient "ripe peaches" on the recipe "Simple Summer Peach Cake" from Savour. Should I skin the peaches or leave the skin on?

Simple Summer Peach Cake
Recipe question for: Simple Summer Peach Cake


ChefJune August 24, 2012
I was a "leave-the-peels-on" girl until some years ago when I was reated for digestive problems and my GI told me categorically to NEVER eat peach peels, because they were totally indigestible. Who knew? Since then, regardless of what any recipe says, I always peel the peaches. If they're ripe, the skins slip off quite easily.
susan G. August 24, 2012
I've made a peach pie where the unpeeled peach halves are set on the crust, peel side up, custard poured over them and baked. It works beautifully.
Amanda H. August 23, 2012
You can leave the skin on!
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