Want to make tomatillo salsa, but don't have any cilantro on hand.

Would it be a sin to make it w/o the cilantro or should I just wait til I have some? I can't seem to find any recipes that don't have a good amount of cilantro.



Sam1148 July 20, 2011
Use some parsley stems chopped up fine.
lovesitc July 20, 2011
Fabulous. Thanks very much @Kmucci :)
Kristy M. July 20, 2011
The Perennial Plate's new recipe includes a super easy tomatillo salsa that doesn't require any cilantro. Hope it helps, or at least gives you the confidence to go cilantro-less this time.


Robyn A. May 8, 2019
thank you soo much i will be trying this today soo many veggies in the garden to pick and will enjoy every one of them thank you...again....yippee!
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