Uses for watermelon rind pickles

I have 2 watermelons from my csa sitting in my kitchen. I plan to make watermelon rind jam with the rind of one and I saw this recipe ( for watermelon rind pickles. What can I use watermelon rind pickles for? Sandwiches? Salads?

  • Posted by: Sweets
  • August 22, 2013


luvcookbooks December 26, 2013
Just had my mom's watermelon pickles alongside a rich Christmas dinner with Savour's Roasted Lamb with Pomegranate and my Vegetarian Festivus Pie. Also served a mostarda di uva, another sweet sour pickle. The pickles I made last year were all gone at the end of dinner from my mom's cut glass picle dish that she got for her wedding.
Reiney August 22, 2013
They're really good on banh mi!
petitbleu August 22, 2013
They're a great addition to cabbage slaw, and I even sneak them into stir fries. But I love them so much I just eat them like candy. Set them out on the table at dinner and watch them disappear.
RespectThePastry August 22, 2013
I second the fish tacos and would add any tacos especially something like a pulled pork taco. I would also add maybe a dark leafy salad with some creamy gooey cheese, like brie or gorgonzola with something sweet like cranberries or apple and your rind pickles! Or you could make a really interesting riff on bruschetta with again a soft creamy cheese, some chopped sundried tomatoes, cilantro, toasted almonds and your rind! You could seriously do a lot of fun and crazy things with those rinds, just let your imagination run wild.=!
Meaghan F. August 22, 2013
Ceviche? Salad? Homemade tartar sauce? Cocktails? Charcuterie or antipasti display? Skewered on a kebab, alternating with the protein of your choice?
linchan77 August 22, 2013
i just eat them as is.
ZombieCupcake August 22, 2013
Grilled fish tacos?
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