Savory watermelon pickle?

I seem to be getting lots of watermelon in my fruit CSA. I'd like to pickle the rind but don't want a sweet pickle. Can't find anything on line. Does anyone have a savory recipe for the rind?

Helen's All Night Diner


luvcookbooks November 6, 2012
How did this work out, Helen? I'm on a watermelon pickle making roll and interested in the savory recipe.
Helen's A. August 30, 2011
Thanks everyone! I'm thinking not too much sugar, maybe a senfgurken type pickle with lots of tarragon... Will keep you posted!
GretchinF August 30, 2011
Do a search for pickled green tomatoes and just sub the watermelon rind. The textures are similar and I've found that pickling recipes for the two can be swapped, no probs!
Droplet August 30, 2011
This one has equal parts sugar and vinegar and whole 3 Tbsps salt; might work for you.
hardlikearmour August 30, 2011
I've only done quick sweet-sour watermelon pickles, but I'm pretty sure you could use the brine recipe for any pickled veggies and use it with the rind. I'd probably start with quick pickles, then consider canning some after I knew I liked them.
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