How to boil water?

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Always use COLD water as the hot water usually comes from a tank where the water has been sitting. Who knows what is lurking in there? And as someone already stated, cover the pot as this helps speed things up as well as conserve energy.
Amanda H. July 30, 2011
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usuba D. July 30, 2011
Be careful not to burn the water as it boils
seabirdskitchen July 29, 2011
I don't know why many of my usa friends do not have "electric kettles" those wonderful devices that sit on the counter top, plug into a wall outlet and heat the water quickly. Auto cut off and you are golden.
SKK July 29, 2011
But it is so much fun to do it again!
nutcakes July 29, 2011
Been done to death in the comments for this recipe, on topic:
susan G. July 28, 2011
And never leave the room (just don't watch). The reason goes in the fiasco pickle...
ImmaEatThat July 28, 2011
Fill a pot with water. Depending on your preference, hot or cold water. Cover or uncovered, doesn't matter. Set your timer if you're prone to forget things like that.


1) Stop watching the pot!
2) Never fill your pot to the brim with water!
3) Never rush with a pot full of boiling water!
SKK July 28, 2011
But if you watch the pot it will never boil. Be sure to put on a blindfold.
sweeteats34 July 28, 2011
These responses are a riot! :)

On a serious note, hot water and a covered pot will boil faster.
Helen's A. July 27, 2011
I'm thinking an artisan hammered water boiling pot is in order, no?

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pierino July 27, 2011
First things first. You need to begin by discovering fire. After that collect rain in a pail. Apply fire to pail.
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