What is orange flour water?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


hardlikearmour July 29, 2011
It's smells amazing! I like adding a small amount to lemonade or iced tea to jazz things up. I also use it in fruit crisps sometimes. It's pretty strongly flavored, so start with a small amount.
beyondcelery July 29, 2011
It's made of distilled orange blossoms: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orange_flower_water

It's a great addition to desserts such as baklava, rice pudding, or galaktoboureko. Try a dash of it in a cake icing or glaze, homemade granita or ice cream, or in sweet breads. I sometimes use it in scones, combined with kumquat zest and almonds.
vvvanessa July 29, 2011
orange flower water (or orange blossom water) is a clear liquid distilled from bitter orange blossoms. it's used in middle eastern and mediterranean cooking and is one of the classic ingredients in moroccan pastilla.
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