I need to transport this item about 2 hours away from my home, do you know if that is feisable? and if so how? thanks

Chocolate Raspberry Baked Alaska
Recipe question for: Chocolate Raspberry Baked Alaska


Couldn't B. August 4, 2011
As others have said, I don't think this will transport well. The raspberry parfait is softer than ice cream and would not hold up. I hope you have an opportunity to try it another time!
Shuna L. August 3, 2011
Ice cream can be transported if you have access to dry ice. You should know how to handle dry ice and make sure the Baked Alaska's exterior does not come into contact with the dry ice directly. I would either frost the BA with the meringue and then transport it [and torch the meringue on site, before eating/serving] or transport it unfrosted & frost/finish it on site.

Dry ice is tricky and even dangerous-- make sure to use all precautions when handling it!
Esther P. August 3, 2011
Havent seen the recipe that you're referring to, but baked alaskas in general...I don't think that would be an option.... Best case would be to make the cake base of the Alaska, buy ice cream locally, and then make the meringue at the venue, it needs to be made literally just before serving, otherwise it'll melt.
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