Foamy and sweet smelling chicken wild rice soup

I made creamy chicken wild rice soup Thursday. I cooked it on the stove and then transferred it into a crockpot. I let it cool and put it away. Friday morning I warmed it up in the crockpot on low and then transported it to its destination (30 min away) where it was kept on warm for approximately 3 hours. It was then turned off and transported back home. I was letting it cool down some more once we were back home, but when I lifted the lid it was foamy and smelled sweet (like a fruit punch). Why would it be foamy and sweet smelling? Did something go bad or did someone accidentally spill punch in it? A container that someone else took home of it said that it looked like a thick layer of slightly scrambled eggs on the very top.



Nancy February 19, 2023
Haven’t seen this before, but a quick review of some articles online and the description (foam and sweet smell) suggested fermentation from bacteria.

The foam several days after making is different from (normal and harmless) foam or scum often encountered in first cooking a meat broth or soup.

See if you can find more information or hear from others who’ve encountered this.

If no more info or in doubt, I would (sadly because of the waste) discard this batch as unsafe.
MinnesotaMama February 20, 2023
We threw it away as soon as we say the foam. It developed after the fact and noticed it when we got home with it. I kept reading that it would have a rancid smell, that's why I questioned if someone poured the punch we had into it since it smelled sweet like the punch.
Nancy February 20, 2023
Too bad, but better than eating it.
Even if someone poured punch in, it was fermenting and likely unsafe.
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