I'm new to Food52 -love it- and noticed last week's recipes were, majority-wise, gluten free. Is that a theme here at the site?

  • Posted by: mao1213
  • June 17, 2011


drbabs June 17, 2011
Check back later this afternoon, and they'll announce next week's theme--new contests are announced every Friday.
Peter June 17, 2011

Welcome to Food52 and so glad you love the site. Indeed, a lot of gluten-free recipes showed up on the site last week. That's not usually the case, but we run weekly recipe contests and the most recent contest was... Your Best Gluten-Free Baked Good:


So, if you need them, we have lots of gluten-free, but don't expect to find *so* many new one all the time. :-)
ChefJune June 17, 2011
No, it's not. But since many food52ers at least occasionally cook for someone who is celiac, it's part of our discussions here. That led to a challenge to create delicious, appetizing gluten free baked goods last week. I thought it was a fun challenge -- a little outside my comfort zone, but that's a good thing!
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