Driving from SF to Yosemite: farmstands?

We will be touring Northern California.: San Francisco to Yosemite (which apparently has only one small grocery) then Yosemite to Monterey. Due to dietary restrictions, our food choices are limited and we often buy fresh produce while traveling and sometimes bring a small "fifth burner" and a pot. But I'd like to lighten the load. Does anyone know if there are accessible farmstands by the road on that route? In general it is farm country, just not sure what we'll be able to get & whether we have to get off the highway.



linzarella August 4, 2011
There are at least two great farmers markets in San Francisco on Sunday, and a couple in the East Bay as well, which you'll pass through on your way. The civic center farmers market is great - http://www.yelp.com/biz/heart-of-the-city-farmers-market-san-francisco. So is the Divisadero farmers market - http://www.yelp.com/biz/divisadero-farmers-market-san-francisco-2. And in Oakland, the Temescal farmers market is wonderful. http://www.yelp.com/biz/temescal-farmers-market-oakland
creamtea August 4, 2011
Thank you very much, boulangere and linzarella! It's good to know we'll be able to eat! I believe we'll go routes 680-580-205 to 120, passing north of Modesto, through Manteca and Oakdale & Groveland. That seems the most direct. Heading back to Monterey, we may go through Merced and Los Banos. (To be honest, I haven't really figured the route yet; I'll probably do it through Google, AAA and the Neverlost). Do you know where the Farmer's Market in SF is? We may be able to stop there on Sunday, but that's the day we're heading out to Yosemite. After Monterey, it's on down the coast to L.A.
linzarella August 4, 2011
Yes, you will pass tons of farm stands on the way to Yosemite - there are quite a few around Oakdale, which is almost the halfway point. There are also a lot of nut stands - fresh almonds, walnuts, etc.

When you get to Big Oak Flat, be sure to look for the "Tie Dye Jerky" stand - not fresh produce, but worth a visit just for fun.
boulangere August 4, 2011
What route will you be taking? SF has a lively farmers market on weekends. From there as you cross the central valley and get out around Modesto, you should be in luck. As well, coming back to Monterey, as you pass through the Salinas area, you'll have great pickings. And yes, food options in the park are very limited. What a beautiful trip you have planned!
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