Smorgasburg must haves?

On the drive between DC and Boston this Saturday we're planning to stop at Smorgasburg because, you know, it's almost sort of on the way, and I've basically been dreaming about it ever since the NYT article back whenever. Unfortunately, I pretty much never make it to NYC, and I only have one stomach :(, so I want to make the most of it. For those who have been, what are your picks for the things one absolutely must eat?



sdebrango August 7, 2011
I'll second nomnivorous comment on Dough donuts, they are the best I have had in a very long time. Definitely a must try when you visit, I like the plain ole glazed. YUM!
Emily H. August 7, 2011
Oh I totally missed this thread but BONCHOVIE. I didn't realize I liked anchovies until I had their fried anchovies with paprika aoili and pickled peppers. Their watermelon lemonade with big chunks of fresh fruit is pretty perfect in the heat too.

The veggie salad from Tenpenny is surprisingly good, the biscuits are good, Dough doughnuts are stellar, and there are so many lovely pantry goods you can get too. (GranolaLab, Anarchy in a Jar jams among others.)
fiveandspice August 7, 2011
Hey Anita! Shoot! If I had known I would have stopped by to say hi! I saw lots of people carrying around the vegan crabcakes and they looked delicious. I assumed I couldn't eat them though because I have a wonky intolerance to (get this!) legumes (ie. chickpeas are out), whole grains (unless they're sprouted), and several nuts! So, most vegan food, I can't eat. It's quite sad. I wound up trying part of: a porchetta sandwich, a biscuit with jam, a plum tarragon popsicle a cemita, and a donut. Thank goodness there were people to share with! I wished I could have tried even more. But, I also picked up some jam, pasta, and pickles. I looked at the granola feeling oh so sad that it is off limits for my tummy!
We had so much fun! Hopefully I'll make it back one of these days, and then I can actually say hi. Boston really isn't that far, after all.
Anitalectric August 7, 2011
Can't believe I didn't see this until now! Did you try my jackfruit cakes? ...a vegan version of crab cakes. Next time you are in town come by again. I do something different each weekend.

Otherwise, the crispy chickpea salad from Dadar Station is out of this world. You have to take home some GranolaLab granola- she makes the most inventive flavors like tamarind. If you are into tea you will love the "Remedy" brewla bar from the Market Share stand. All their popsicles are made with strongly brewed tea or espresso. They pack a punch! Every week I have to have some Rob & Anna's banana soft serve. I haven't seen them in a while, but Sea Bean Goods chilled soups are sublime.
Bevi August 4, 2011
sdebrango is right - the lobster rolls are to die for. And you have the option of a butter dousing. My daughter might be selling a few jars from the booth of a fellow vendor - I will post if I can find that info out.
fiveandspice August 4, 2011
Cool! Thanks for the tips. And Bevi, I'm sad I won't be able to check out your daughter's preserves. I can just bet they're marvelous. But, I hope she's having a relaxing August off!
sdebrango August 4, 2011
The last time I was there and its only been once I'm afraid there is a stand that has the most amazing lobster rolls. They are the best I've had they use claw meat. Oh my I want one now.
Bevi August 4, 2011
Get the corn smothered in cheese and chili, and a porchetta sandwich. I would send you to my daughter's preserves stand (Maiden Preserves), but she is taking the month of August off. And Queen's Dang Tu has these amazing sandwiches. I like the one with pork shoulder.

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