Mealy peaches

I'm stuck with a load of very mealy white peaches and was wondering if they would compromise a batch of jam or chutney.



gluttonforlife August 8, 2011
Update: I made chutney (ginger, jalapeño, a little apple, dates, raisins, brown sugar, vinegar, Indian spices) to put up and I also pureed about a cupful to use as barbecue sauce. I did have to cook the chutney down quite a bit to fully disguise the peach consistency, but in the end it all turned out great!
Emily H. August 7, 2011
I just made barbecue sauce from some peaches and plums that ended up in my refrigerator by accident. Pureed, the texture isn't noticeable. You could make a sweet or savory sauce out of them, a smooth jam or even fruit leather.
gluttonforlife August 7, 2011
Thanks for your replies! The thing is, these peaches are from a trusted farm stand, and a previous flat of white peaches from them was a highlight of the summer, so it's a bit of a mystery. I think I will go for the chutney where I'm hoping spices and raisins will make up for a lot...
SKK August 7, 2011
How disappointing! They are mealy because they were picked before they were ripe and them put in cold storage. Do they have any flavor? If they do, of course you can make jam, chutney or even peach butter.

I spent many summers working with peaches on my family's orchard and am often disappointed in what is available in stores. Peaches are a delicate fruit and large producers pick them green so they look good after they are shipped.

I will take bruises that come with ripe peaches any day!

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sdebrango August 7, 2011
I have successfully used mealy peaches to make a quick jam, I usually add another kind of fruit with the mealy peaches like raspberries or even nectarines. I didn't notice the imperfection when cooked in jam with other fruits. Its so disappointing isn't it?
TheRunawaySpoon August 7, 2011
I think mealy peaches might make meal chutney. I do think you could make a puree, maybe sweetened, and freeze or can it. Bellinis?
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