Canning Question - How much sugar required to can a peach ginger jam?

I'm making a jam with 8 cups/11 peaches. What is the minimum amount of sugar I must add to safely can? Thank you



melissav June 6, 2011
Thank you! Your recipe looks fantastic. I'm going to give it a try!
aargersi June 5, 2011
Hmm - that I don't know, but my jam is actually pretty soft - I use a higher fruit to pectin ratio usually ...
melissav June 5, 2011
Thanks. I typically don't use pectin bc I like a soft set. Does the amount of sugar still not matter?
aargersi June 5, 2011
here is mine - you can adjust the amounts down!
aargersi June 5, 2011
Melissa I agree the sugar is to taste - our peaches are very sweet right now so I didn't add a whole lot ... this is a very helpful website:
I use no sugar needed pectin so I can adjust the amount to taste - just make sure everything is sterile and that you boil the jars for 10 minutes and you'll be OK!

SKK June 4, 2011
One more thing, I learned to can from my grandmother. It is unfortunate how complicated today's instructions seem to be. If you use good quality fruit and good lids and jars it is easy. Canning meat and fish is a different proposition, and requires pressure canning. Here is a website that answers a lot of questions You also have as a resource your state university - most of them have wonderful agricultural departments. Enjoy!
SKK June 4, 2011
Sugar is not a preservative, so you the amount you add is not the issue. Sugar is according to taste. Pectin is what thickens the preserves. I am assuming you are water bath canning. The safety is in sterilized jars, never before lids and proper time in the water bath canner.
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