Sometimes my meringue doesn't come out as fluffy as other times...why, and can I do anything to remedy it?

  • Posted by: dymnyno
  • August 18, 2010


Rhonda35 September 9, 2010
drbabs is correct - humidity can really affect your meringue. If it's super-hot and humid out, don't waste your time - your meringue is NOT going to get fluffy or stay dry.
drbabs August 20, 2010
I think it may have something to do with humidity--i think a drier environment makes for fluffier meringue. I have no science to back this up; it is just my observation. Also, I personally don't like cream of tartar in meringue (i can always taste it.) but a pinch of salt really helps the egg whites beat up light and fluffy.
Amanda H. August 18, 2010
You may already do this but letting the egg whites come to room temperature makes a difference. Also, I find that young eggs fluff up more than older eggs, but that's just an observation. (The image comes from
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