Stabilizing Meringue

For our wedding next month, I'm planning to make a series of pound cakes rather than a traditional wedding cake. I want to make a lemon meringue pound cake as one of them, which will ideally be covered with meringue. Is there a good way to stabilize meringue so that it will hold up for several hours. I'll probably put the finishing touches on the cake in the early afternoon, the wedding is at 5, and the dinner/reception will be at 6ish. Will the meringue hold up for that long? Is there anything I can do to keep it looking pristine?



littlesister August 12, 2012
I would second the Italian meringue recipe as one of the most stable you can make. If it is humid outside, your meringue will suffer somewhat. Be sure to make it the same day you serve it and do not cover it until it is completely cooled. COMPLETELY. Probably best not to cover it at all. Good luck!
petitbleu August 12, 2012
Thanks, Sarah! That sounds perfect.
Reiney August 11, 2012
An Italian meringue should hold up for that long - it's very stable and a beautiful product to work with when made just right:

2 egg whites
125 g sugar

Yield: 250g

Wet almost all of the sugar and bring to just 114C. Meanwhile beat the egg whites with the rest of the sugar (a T or 2) to medium-firm peaks (very important not to over whip, as you'll get a cottage cheese - y weepy product). As the mixer is on medium, pour the 114C syrup into the vortex of egg whites in a thin stream. Keep mixer on medium as the meringue cools in the bowl.

It will be thick, glossy and a pleasure to pipe, and very stable for 24 hours. I'd recommend practicing a few times to get a feel for the right stage of whipping whites.

Best wishes!
Chef L. August 11, 2012
Where are you, geographically? Indoors or outdoors?
petitbleu August 12, 2012
East TN, Sept 29th. We will be outdoors, and we're hoping the weather will be cooler, but this area is known to experience very hot days well into November.
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