What to do with a boiled chicken?

My spouse is presently in the kitchen making David Chang's ramen broth. He has just removed the whole chicken from the mushroom-kombu broth; any ideas for what to do with this boiled chicken? Pasta sauces? Interesting chicken salads?

Summer of Eggplant


r M. August 9, 2011
I'm not certain how similar or different this is from the recipes that nogaga provided (I can't read Spanish), but my mom makes this Peruvian dish that I've loved since I was little. We call it yellow chicken, but its known as aji de gallina - made from shredded boiled chicken, aji chili powder, bread, cumin, parmesan cheese, milk, etc. and usually served with sliced boiled eggs and walnuts - we ate it spread on crackers. I'm not certain where to find a great recipe since I think my mom just makes it from taste memory, and it might be altered from an 'authentic' version, but I'm sure there are some great ones out there!
SKK August 8, 2011
My first time making pozole too and it was so good and so easy! Never the canned stuff again.
nogaga August 8, 2011
With pleasure! You will love this. I love this! Its always lunch for me in one of ,y first days back in Buenos Aires. These are nice old-fashioned and classic: http://www.chicaseo.com/recetas/mayonesa-de-ave-o-de-pollo/; http://www.mis-recetas.org/recetas/show/18580-mayonesa-de-ave. Here is a Spanish version that includes squash: http://ensalada-de-pollo.recetascomidas.com/. Here is another one, slightly contemporized with more herbs and vegetal elements. http://www.tusrecetasdecocina.com/receta-de-pollo-a-la-mayonesa.html. Let us know how it turns out!
Sam1148 August 8, 2011
A cold Thai Salad. Lettuce, carrots, cabbage, peppers, etc..etc.

With a lime, fish sauce, and use some simple sugar steeped with ginger and fish sauce for salt. And mint and fresh basil; same as the rice paper rolls, but in salad form.
Humm..maybe some toasted coconut flakes for another sweet element with the heat of hot peppers in the salad.
Summer O. August 8, 2011
Nogaga - I do read Spanish. I actually majored in Spanish Lit. in college, how odd. Please do send it, I like old fashioned.
nogaga August 8, 2011
Summer of Eggplant, do you read Spanish? If so I will send you a great recipe for "mayonesa de aves" that is basically a salad built out of shreded boiled chicken and aioli- its a lkittle old fashioned but so good it doesn't matter. please et me know.
Summer O. August 8, 2011
Thanks everyone, as usual! I do eat pappdews, so I'm excited about that. I also love pozole and have never made my own. We are about due for a curry/Thai food as well, it has been a few months. Mango chicken salad sounds awesome. I might chicken mole it for mole tacos. You all never let me down, thanks!
SKK August 8, 2011
I was privileged to test GREEN CHILI, CHICKEN, POSOLE SOUP
By dymnyno and it is amazing and fresh. The chiken would be great in that.
AntoniaJames August 8, 2011
Here's a fantastic chicken salad, posted by Amanda:

I don't eat pappadews, so I substitute picholine olives, capers or cornichons.

Sam1148 August 8, 2011
Use with rice paper wrappers. Bean Sprouts, carrots, cabbage etc. With mint and basil.
And a thai dipping sauce. You could simmer the meat up with some coconut milk and thai red curry paste and lime juice and zest.

That would pare very well with the noodles and broth.
boulangere August 8, 2011
Tacos sound great! Perhaps take a look at this:
leslim August 8, 2011
Shredded chicken tacos, chicken enchiladas, chicken salad, chicken spaghetti, chicken quesadillas...the possibilities are endless (or nearly so)!
ChefJune August 8, 2011
It's Midsummer, and my thoughts turned immediately to the Mango Chicken Salad I've been making since back in my catering days. Message me if you'd like the recipe.
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